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[Review] EDM LA – Rush Hour: Best of 2015

Christopher Lawrence is no stranger to success; with a handfuls of awards and nominations for his music production and DJing over the last two decades, he has thoroughly etched himself as a worldwide phenomena in electronic dance music. If you have ever caught him playing, or listened to his podcast Rush Hour, then you’re familiar with his style. His selection in music and the talent behind the decks takes everyone in attendance on a unforgettable and magical trip. His mastery with the faster and more psychedelic side of Trance is what has secured him a spot in the hearts of even the most discerning Trance heads throughout his career.Lawrence recently came out with the Rush Hour: Best of 2015 compilation — out on Pharmacy Music — two and a half hours of the Trace excellence that we have grown to expect from Christopher Lawrence. The collection is Psy-Trance journey, featuring 29 continuous tracks from himself and other well-known Trance powerhouses such as Solarstone, Ace Ventura, Astrix, & Vini Vici, along with plenty of great tracks from lesser known artists.

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Livewire cracks Beatport Top 10

Christopher Lawrence vs. Fergie & Sadrian – Livewire is giving off major heat. In addition to hitting #8 on Beatport’s Psy Trance Pulse Chart and #13 on the Trance Release chart, it’s also a Featured Banner release on Beatport’s Psy Trance page.

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Dancefloor Thunderstorm: Land of the Free Home of the Rave

Michael Tullberg is a professional photographer who documents the rise of the American rave scene in his new book Dancefloor Thunderstorm: Land Of The Free, Home Of The Rave. Prior to the rise of camera phones and social media, it was down to photographers like Michael to document the rave scene with photos appearing in URB Magazine, BPM Magazine, XLR8R and many others. He was at every warehouse party, festival and afterhours in Los Angeles from the 1990’s shooting the DJs and crowds.

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Fleming & Lawrence – Live at Dreamstate SF

Fleming & Lawrence dominated Dreamstate SF at Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco last month being voted #1 set by fans. Here is the the exclusive live recording of their set.

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Digital DJ Pool Interview

Christopher Lawrence. It may not have the same ring to it like Tiësto or Daft Punk but it does carry the same weight. Many would argue that it carries more. The California producer and DJ has been a mainstay in Trance music for over 20 years and won Best American DJ at the IDMA’s at WMC in 2005 as well as being voted as America’s Best DJ in 2008 by DJ Times. Aside from his list of awards, he’s also been described with possibly every positive adjective in the English language by music journalists for his balance of progressive sounds and the original spirit of Trance. Two of his albums have charted on Billboard’s Top 10 lists and he continues that level of quality with his two labels, Pharmacy and Pharmacy Plus. The dedication to his art is apparent as he told us his views on the power of music and shared his story of falling in love with Trance.

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“Looking Back on 2015” interview in Big Shot Mag

2015 is done—stick a fork in it. While the world remains in a state of tumult—terrorism, ISIS, Syria, Donald Trump—we wouldn’t be guilty of hyperbole if we said that 2015 still managed to be a fantastic year for electronic music. Countless artists upped their game by releasing choice artist albums and singles, and the genre as a whole took a giant step forward.

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[Review] Club Planet – Rush Hour: Best of 2015

Clubbing experts at check in on Christopher Lawrence’s latest compilation Rush Hour: Best of 2015.

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[Review] Dancing Astronaut – Rush Hour: Best of 2015

During trance’s early years, Christopher Lawrence was on the genre’s frontlines relentlessly pioneering its darker, more serious side that drew so many to it at its inception. Today, not much has changed – in fact, his influence within the underground has only grown as his prolific Pharmacy label and monthly radio show Rush Hour allow him to continue pushing out the next level of trance’s evolution to a greater population.

12 December 2015 News Read more

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