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Dark Side is Mixmag’s Album Of The Month

Dark Side is Mixmag’s Album Of The Month

Mixmag Magazine has named Christopher Lawrence’s Dark Side as their Album Of The Month in Trance. Check out the review:

A Modern Take on Lawrence’s Roots

Pharmacy boss and all-around stalwart Christopher Lawrence has launched a new mix series that embodies his aesthetic. ‘Dark Side’ nods to less-explored areas of dance music, a domain in which the American DJ specializes in. Lawrence treads down two paths. The first is a dark, driving progressive mix that starts off slow, we hear cunning melodies with echoing pangs of synth and raunchy basslines, manifested by underground talents like Basil O’Glue, Jerome Isma-ae and more. He packs the second half with his other love – psy. Galloping low ends and acid tones run about throughout the entire duration, while high tempos kick the output’s energy into top gear with productions by Lawrence himself, as well as other new stars on the label and beyond. Ultimately, the endeavour is a well-rounded expression of the trance veteran’s roots in modern form. 8/10

20 July 2018 News