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[EDMTOR Review] Fleming & Lawrence at Trance Unity in Montreal

[EDMTOR Review] Fleming & Lawrence at Trance Unity in Montreal

EVENT REVIEW: Monkey Buzinezz presents Trance Unity 3 @ Circus Afterhours, Montreal – 04-06-2017

I admit to leaving Kearney’s set early in order to secure a front row spot as Fleming & Lawrence took control of the Hell room. Being relatively new to the trance scene – and the rave scene in general – I must say now that I did not truly understand the hype around these legends until I experienced their skill behind the decks personally. From the very first moments, I was completely mesmerized! The crown jewel of my Trance Unity experience; Fleming & Lawrence’s keen track selection and masterful layering and sound engineering made for one of the best sets I’ve ever heard! Once the first track dropped, I couldn’t leave the dance floor – though I stopped and checked a couple of times to see if my shoes were smoking! – and proceeded to dance my heart out to Tweakers – GMS (Volcano & Sonic Species remix) and Mantra – Electric Universe, to name a few. The two masters’ friendly stage presence encouraged the crowd; they were clearly enjoying their time behind the decks. The Hell room was absolutely packed, and though I can’t vouch for it personally, friends who ventured to the other room during this set reported that room was essentially empty, which explained the lack of space and rising temperatures in Hell. Despite the heat and the constant struggle to maintain dancing space, hands down, this was my favourite part of the night!

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