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New single Nervous / Resolution cracks Beatport Top 5

New single Nervous / Resolution cracks Beatport Top 5

The boys are at it again! A tour date in Buenos Aires wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t end up in studio session for Christopher Lawrence and Fergie & Sadrian. Three years in row they have joined forces and this time they came away with not one, but two banging tracks. Resolution / Nervous is a Featured Release on Beatport’s Psy-Trance page with support from everyone from Mark Sherry to John Askew. The release is currently #5 on the Trance Release chart, and #9 on the Psy-Trance chart – a bona fide hit!

Nervous is the perfect follow up to Livewire, their last collaboration. Combining elements of trance, techno and psy trance, Nervous hits the dance floor sweet spot. An ominous melody is subverted by a twisted acid line as a vocal sample asks “Are you nervous?” making the breakdown a signature track in any set.

Resolution, the second track of this release is reminiscent of the darker underground trance of the late nineties. Multiple melodies and quirky sounds cascade in a lush chorus taking the listener deeper while a low bass with a bit of wiggle in it keeps the bodies in motion.

Out exclusively on Beatport.
Available worldwide on May 29th.

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