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Rush Hour 054 w/ guests Grains of Sound

Rush Hour 054 w/ guests Grains of Sound

Published on: September 2012

Back from another incredible Burning Man and jetting off to Argentina this weekend, Christopher Lawrence checks in with another slamming episode of Rush Hour for September.

This months guest mix is from Grains of Sound, whose new single “Eager” Fingers” / “Paradigm Bag” is out this month on Christopher’s label Pharmacy Music.

Grains of Sound is the ambient-psy-trance project from brothers Chris (Exeris) & Jason Sevanick, who gained notoriety with their industrial electronic act, Mindless Faith. Always ones to push boundaries, the brothers turned their production talents to the more underground electronic music sound that had captured their attention.

Grains of Sound came to Pharmacy Music with a proven history of creating genre defying psy-trance. In 2007, Grains of Sound released their double-disc debut album “Rays of Life”, comprised of Vol. 1 Down (downtempo) and Vol. 2 Under (ambient), on AlterCulture Records. The album received excellent reviews and their follow up album “Sine Language” (2010) received even greater acclaim for their exploration of different styles and energy levels.  From uptempo psychedelic trance, both progressive and minimal, along with hints of house and breaks, to lush, sweeping soundscapes that wash over sub bass frequencies and deep downtempo beats, to Vast evolving layers, organic textures and sentient sounds leave all beats behind, pure ambient intoxication.  Dance, chill, or zone, Grains of Sound has you covered.

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