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Rush Hour 068 w/ guest Mirok

Rush Hour 068 w/ guest Mirok

Published on: November 2013

With his upcoming mix compilation “Rush Hour – Best of 2013” due for release on December 2nd, Christopher brings you two great hours of dark trance and psy trance this month. Track of the Month goes to Oberon, plus there’s new tunes by Bryan Kearney, Vini Vici, Ascent, plus Pharmacy’s Casey Rasch, Elvy, Monroe Ramirez and Fergie & Sadrian and more.

This months guest mix comes from Japan’s Mirok. While studying arts at university, Mirok became interested in psychedelic trance, and began to produce music. In 2012 he joined Hinowa Recordings and Grasshopper Records where he took part in making a compilation albums. His track LSDrome was named Christopher Lawrence’s favorite track for 2013. His sound production ranges from a progressive to psychedelic sound, taking his audience on an emotional ride leading into the realm of serious upper sounds. For more information:

Hour One: Christopher Lawrence

Lee Osborne / Psychological warfare / Slinky Digital
Casey Rasch / Go (Frost Raven Remix) / Pharmacy Music
Captain Hook / Imagination of Ourselves / Easy Riders-HOMmega Productions
Ascent / Liquid Meadow / Tandava Records
Track of the Month – Oberon / Acid Dreams / Discover white label
Vini Vici / Divine Mode / Iboga Trance
Elvy / Protect-ed (Raw-Edit) / Pharmacy Music
Bryan Kearney / Mexican Rave (Jordan Suckley Remix) / Kearnage!
Monroe Ramirez / Infected Brian (Fergie & Sadrian Remix) / Pharmacy Music
Fergie & Sadrian / Anubis / Pharmacy Music
Altruism / Fat Beat (Circuit Breakers Remix)

Hour Two: Mirok

Mirok & Helber Gun / Pure Drug / Unreleased
Mirok / Psylm Down / Grasshopper records
Mirok & Materia / Materiok / Unreleased
Mirok & Brainiac / Find your way / Grasshopper Records
Mirok / Buff / Unreleased
Mirok / Rock from the Speaker / Unreleased
Mirok / Spread Consciousness / Unreleased
Mirok & Burn in Noise / Mirok in Noise / Unreleased
Mirok / Electrical Signals / Unreleased
Mirok / Lsdrome / Grasshopper Records