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Rush Hour 087 w/ guest Mark Sherry

Rush Hour 087 w/ guest Mark Sherry

Published on: June 2015

Fresh off Open Up at Digital Society in Leeds, plus shows in New York, Belfast and the Canadian leg of the Pharmacy Music Tour, Christopher Lawrence dives head first into this months Rush Hour. There’s a stellar guest mix from Mark Sherry. Track Of The Month goes to Quantica – Eliptica (Hypnoise remix), plus new music from K90, D-Addiction, Ace Ventura & Astrix, Flash Gordon, Daniel Lesden, GalactrixX and a remix from Soundpass. From Christopher’s new label Pharmacy Plus, there’s music from D’nial and Fergie & Sadrian.

Hour One: Christopher Lawrence

1. K90 Project / Alpha X / Dataless Recordings
2. D Addiction / Plug In Turn On Drop Out / Nano
3. Ace Ventura & Astrix / Pranava / Iboga Records
4. Flash Gordon / Quantum Harmonics / Spin Twist Records
5. Chris Oblivion / Ecosystem (Soundpass Remix) / Old Baby Recordings
6. D’nial / Vector One / Pharmacy Plus
7. Daniel Lesden / Another Earth / Digital Om
8. Fergie & Sadrian / Hay Alguien Ahi / Pharmacy Plus
9. Galactrix / Area 51 / Binary Audio Machinery
10. Track Of The Month: Quantica / Eliptica (Hypnoise Remix) / Flying Spores