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Rush Hour 093 w/ guests Fergie & Sadrian

Rush Hour 093 w/ guests Fergie & Sadrian

Published on: December 2015

 Direct from his North American tour dates with Neelix, Christopher ends 2015 with a bang. This months episode features new tracks by Seven Monkeys & Reality Test, Kopel, Sean Tyas, Stardesign, Tektrix, Middle Mode, Yar Zaa, ArtFix, BAO plus remixes by Staga Dish and TrancEye pres. Skull Crusher. Track of the Month goes to Nikki S’s Future of Mankind.

This months guest mix comes from Argentina’s Fergie & Sadrian, who are Pharmacy Music’s go-to DJ/producers in South America. The group comprises of Fernando Picciano, Adrian Sartore and Emiliano Ayub. Expanding their sound across the globe, Fergie & Sadrian has the support of some of the biggest names in trance including Paul van Dyk, John 00 Fleming, M.I.K.E, Markus Schulz, Sean Tyas and more. Track after track, the characteristic sound of these guys makes an impact on the trance scene. Fergie & Sadrian’s new single Movements is out on Pharmacy Music this week.

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Hour One: Christopher Lawrence

Seven Monkeys & Reality Test / Snap! / Spintwist Germany
Kopel / Take It Easy (Staga Dish remix) / Blue Tunes Austria
Sean Tyas / Hive / Perfecto Flouro
Stardesign / Max Pain (TrancEye pres. Skull Crusher Remix) / Pharmacy Plus
Tektrix / Blackout / Pharmacy Plus
Middle Mode / Afrika / Digital Om
Track of the Month: Nikki S / Future of Mankind / Alchemy Records
Yar Zaa / No Ghost In The Machine / Profound
Yar Zaa / Worlds In Collision / Profound
ArtFix / Be Yourself / Dynamite Recordings
Nikki S / Listen / Alchemy Records
BAO / Peganum Harmala / Blacklite

Hour Two: Fergie & Sadrian

Christopher Lawrence vs. Fergie & Sadrian / Id (Original mix) / cdr
Fergie & Sadrian / ID (Original mix) / cdr
Fergie & Sadrian / ID (Original mix) / cdr
Fergie & Sadrian / Movements / Pharmacy Music
Fergie & Sadrian / Soplo (Christopher Lawrence Remix) / Pharmacy Music
Fergie & Sadrian / Dream Pills / Solid Black Recording
Fergie & Sadrian / ID (Original mix) / cdr
Fergie & Sadrian / Little boy (Sean J Morris Remix) / Pharmacy Music
Fergie & Sadrian / ID (Original mix) / cdr
Fergie & Sadrian / Anubis / Pharmacy Music