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Label: Pharmacy Music

Release date: 2018-04-02

Catalog number: PHARMACY178

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Christopher Lawrence vs. Fergie & Sadrian

They did it again! These three are unstoppable once they get in the studio. Christopher Lawrence and Fergie & Sadrian have teamed up to create another floor destroyer Ajan – which is a Featured Release on Beatport’s Psy-Trance front page. Following up on their previous collaborations Nervous and Resolution, the guys go in an even darker and twisted psy direction.

With support in by everyone from Paul van Dyk to Indecent Noise, Ajna is loaded with psychedelic treats for the waking of the third eye. Warped, liquid acid sounds drop like rain. An ethereal female vocal guides the listener to the breakdown and into the drop where it transforms into a hypnotic gated element. FX and percussion swirl overhead and all the while a relentless groove drives the track thru the night. As the vocal sample says “We are the future.”