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Label: Pharmacy Music

Release date: 2019-03-04

Catalog number: Pharmacy205

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Christopher Lawrence Vs Fergie & Sadrian

The collaborative team of Christopher Lawrence & Fergie & Sadrian starts the year off with a bang dropping Anahata, their biggest track yet. This prolific partnership has grown over the years to become a dominant force on dance floors around the world.

Anahata is the fourth in their Chakra series and continues their genre crossing sound that is all psy but has also enjoyed success in the the traditional trance world. The power of the bassline and hard hitting melody combined with a grooving vocal sample make Anahata an irresistible track that lingers in your head long after the track is over.

Anahata has been road tested and certified fresh from Argentina to Austalia to Bangkok to Jakarta and Los Angeles. Get your copy and see where it takes you!