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No Comment – Ooga (Christopher Lawrence Remix)

No Comment – Ooga (Christopher Lawrence Remix)

Label: X7M Records

Release date: 2017-12-04

Catalog number: X7M097

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Ooga (Christopher Lawrence Remix)
Christopher Lawrence, No Comment

No Comment is the new project by: Omer Kadosh (Rizo) a.k.a Krunch, DarkSoho and Yaniv Gabay a.k.a Orpheus. Two known names in the psy trance scene who have been involved with music and production over fifteen years. After two years in the studio, the duo are releasing their debut album Break The Rulez which features eight incredible tracks including Ooga with a Christopher Lawrence remix.

Wicked conga and bongo percussion over a rolling baseline gives Christopher Lawrence’s remix a full on tribal vibe. The frenetic breakdown combined with the ooga chaka chanting creates the feeling of being dropped into a dark tribal ceremony. Ooga is all power – no filler!

Mastering by Bonen @ X-noiZe/Major7 studio.
Art cover by Uzi Binyamin