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Final Round

Final Round

Label: X7M Records

Catalog number: X7M079

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Final Round (Original Mix)
Christopher Lawrence, No Comment

X7M Records is excited to announce the incredible new collaboration from Christopher Lawrence & No Comment titled Final Round.
No Comment is one of the hottest Psytrance production artists at the moment Their latest collaboration with Berg Round Trip, is making the rounds at all the biggest festivals across the globe. Their upcoming remix of Suliman for Infected Mushroom has been described by Erez as one of his all time favorite Infected remixes.
on this tune they team up with legendary DJ Christopher Lawrence. Recognized worldwide as one of America’s premier DJs, Christopher has been pushing the Psytrance sound in the United States for over twenty years and is at the forefront of the current Psytrance explosion in America.
Final Round builds to an epic melodic breakdown with warm pads and soaring melodies, then drops into a funky bass groove before closing out with the rolling bass that started the track.
It’s a stand out track & proper trance journey with cutting edge production and a sophisticated arrangement.

Mastering by Bonen @ X-NoiZe/Major7 studio
Cover artwork: Gena Murasaki (Gena Design)