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Gaia Principle

Gaia Principle

Label: Pharmacy Music

Release date: 2018-07-02

Catalog number: PHARMACY185

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Gaia Principle
Christopher Lawrence & Synfonic

This is the one you have been waiting for – Gaia Principle, the inevitable collaboration between Christopher Lawrence and Synfonic which has been named a Featured Release on Beatport’s Psy-Trance page. The fact that they all live in Los Angeles made it that much easier. Synfonic have taken the trance world by storm with a relentless series of banging releases on Pharmacy Music and Lawrence is firing on all cylinders at the moment after his massive Dark Side mix compilation release last month which hit #1 on Beatport’s Trance and Psy-Trance release charts.

Played around the globe with the same fanatical response every time, Gaia Principle is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. A perfectly balanced rolling bassline and kick make this track hum right from the beginning. Multiple acid lines effortlessly weave in and out leading to the melodic breakdown with it’s uplifting message of hope. The track drops back in with it’s powerful groove and builds to a climax once more before easing the listener back to earth.