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Christopher Lawrence vs. Fergie & Sadrian’s Vishuddha is #22 on Beatport Singles Chart

Following up on their massive Ajna release from earlier this year, these three Pharmacy stars are at it again with their latest release Vishuddha which is #22 on Beatport’s Singles chart and a Banner Release on the Psy-Trance page. Christopher Lawrence and Fergie & Sadrian have formed a powerhouse production team with a series of releases heard in nightclubs and festivals around the world.

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EDM Identity reviews Christopher Lawrence’s Dark Side


Come with us and explore Christopher Lawrence’s Dark Side, featuring a vast array of progressive and psy–soaked beats that will shake even the most fearless straight through to their core!

Christopher Lawrence takes the trance underground to its darkest of levels as he experiments with the concept of the open to close set, capturing its essence with two separate continuous mixes appropriately dubbed Dark SideWith a vision to build the energy around what you would expect if you were to witness the auditory magic live and in person, Dark Side flows with beats drawn forth from the deep unholy darkness, leading us up to experience our emotional peak far beyond the stars.

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Ajna is Top 20 on Beatport Singles chart

They did it again! These three are unstoppable once they get in the studio. Christopher Lawrence and Fergie & Sadrian have teamed up to create another floor destroyer Ajan – which is currently Top 20 on Beatport’s singles chart and is a Featured Release on the Psy-Trance front page. Following up on their previous collaborations Nervous and Resolution, the guys go in an even darker and twisted psy direction.

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